Couples Counseling

Improve Communication. Resolve Conflict.


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We help couples to understand their partner’s perspective and learn to talk to one another without heated arguments that lead to both partners feeling misunderstood and disconnected.

The relationship with your significant other is perhaps the most meaningful relationship you will experience.

As a couple, are you struggling to connect and communicate effectively, experiencing trust issues, engaging in constant arguments, or do you lack intimacy within your relationship?

As you grow as a couple and experience different life phases and challenges, such as growing your family or dealing with the difficulties of aging, you might find yourself seeking to strengthen or improve your relationship with the help of a therapist.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is an evidence-based method scientifically proven to help couples…

  • Learn how to connect and communicate effectively
  • Manage role expectations within the family
  • Learn skills to unite on parenting issues
  • Increase connection and intimacy
  • Become confident in your new role as expecting parents
  • Understand your partners perspective 
  • Build trust after a betrayal
  • Learn how to fight fair

Find the couples therapy services you need from Kent Psychological Associates in Kent, Ohio. Book your appointment today.

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